• for heavy loads
  • vibration-free trafficability
  • visible surface in high-grade steel

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resistant to heavy loads, trafficable by fork-lift trucks, punched bearing legs guarantee best connection to the subgrade/covering.


all industrial applications, areas with use of driverless vehicular systems, shopping centres, railway stations, airports, exhibition halls


hot-dip galvanised steel substructure and high-grade steel V2A surface

Covering Types

coating, concrete, screed, industrial covering, natural and stone slabs


industrial trucks (lifting trucks, fork-lifts etc.), passenger car, trucks

Formed parts

corner piece, T piece, cross piece, transition floor to wall


We recommend that the customer applies grout between profile and covering so as to avoid typical hairline cracks.

Technical data
Movement horizontal:
13 mm (-5/+8 mm)
Visible width:
108 mm
Maximal joint width:
30 mm
Load rating:
Radlast 5000 kg bei Ø 150 mm, B = 100 mm
Load rating trucks:
600 kN (DIN 1072)
Load rating forklifts:
150 kN (DIN 1055-3)
Supply length:
3 mtr
Technical drawing
Subject to technical change without notice.
Article No. Profile height Recess (B⨉T)
VA.6.110/32 31 mm 270 ⨉ 41 mm
VA.6.110/47 46 mm 270 ⨉ 56 mm
VA.6.110/62 61 mm 270 ⨉ 71 mm
VA.6.110/77 76 mm 270 ⨉ 86 mm
VA.6.110/92 91 mm 270 ⨉ 101 mm

Other heights on request.