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Fugenband BF20

Fugenband BF20

  • sealing membrane approved by the building authorities
  • three-dimensional absorption of movements


watertight, weather- and temperature-resistant (-40°C to +120°C), resistant to de-icing salt and waste water (alkalis, microbes, bacteria)


joint tape BF20 made of EPDM with lateral bonding flanges made of non-combustible fleece on the top and bottom sides

Covering Types

asphalt, pavement, earth-covered areas

Formed parts

end piece, corner piece, T-piece, cross piece


Joint tape BF is suitable for the installation with bituminous waterproofing, synthetic resin adhesive and liquid synthetic sealant.

Formed parts and joint tape connections are connected by vulcanization.

The joint tape is a product of the BBF ElastoFug joint tape systems.

Technical data

Movement horizontal:
40 mm (±20 mm)
Movement vertical:
40 mm (±20 mm)
Movement a long the joint
40 mm (±20 mm)
Total width:
355 mm
Maximal joint width:
40 mm
Supply length:
25 mtr
2,5 mm


Article No.
Fugenband BF20
Technical design
Subject to technical change without notice
Fugenband BF20