Standard joint profiles


  • replaceable expansion insert
  • non-PVC
  • stable aluminum supports


expansion insert can be replaced anytime, abrasion-, weather- and temperature-resistant (-40°C to +120°C), perforated bearing legs guarantee the best connection to the substrate/covering


residential, office and administration buildings


aluminium, EPDM expansion insert

Covering Types

screed, natural and stone slabs

Formed parts

corner piece, T-piece, cross piece, floor-wall connections


For mastic asphalt, please ask for technical advice.

Technical data

Movement horizontal:
10 mm (±5 mm)
Movement vertical:
8 mm (±4 mm)
Visible width:
41 mm
Maximal joint width:
30 mm
Load rating:
wheel load 700 kg up to Ø 150 mm, B = 100 mm
Supply length:
3 mtr
Color of expansion insert:
schwarz oder grau


Article No. Profile height (h) Recess (BxT)
AL.1.38/20 20 mm 200 x 30 mm
AL.1.38/33 33 mm 200 x 43 mm
AL.1.38/50 50 mm 200 x 60 mm
AL.1.38/63 63 mm 200 x 73 mm
AL.1.38/83 83 mm 200 x 93 mm
AL.1.38/103 103 mm 200 x 113 mm
AL.1.38/123 123 mm 200 x 133 mm

Special heights on request.

Technical design
Subject to technical change without notice