Watertight joint profiles
VA.8.110/.. FK

VA.8.110/.. FK

  • high load-bearing capacity
  • flexible to use


watertight, resistant to heavy loads, trafficable by fork-lift trucks, expansion insert can be replaced anytime, abrasion-, weather- and temperature-resistant (-40°C to +120°C), resistant to de-icing salt and waste water (alkalis, microbes, bacteria)


parking decks, parking garages, underground garages, ramp crossings, pedestrian bridges, all industrial applications


substructure hot-dip galvanised steel and visible surface stainless steel V2A (V4A on request), EPDM expansion insert, Wolfin IB sealing membrane

Covering Types

asphalt, coating, concrete, screed, industrial coverings, natural and stone slabs


passenger cars, trucks, fork-lifts

Formed parts

upstand, membrane upstand, corner piece, T-piece, cross piece, floor-wall connections


The sealing and expansion insert is flanged with screws M10 at intervals of 150 mm.

The sealing membrane projecting from the joint profile must be integrated into the sealing system to prevent water infiltration from the sides.

Installation by our own fitters recommended.

Technical data

Movement horizontal:
35 mm (-15/+20 mm)
Movement vertical:
20 mm (±10 mm)
Visible width:
108 mm
Maximal joint width:
50 mm
Load rating:
wheel load 5000 kg up to Ø 150 mm, B = 100 mm
Load rating trucks:
600 kN (DIN 1072)
Load rating forklifts:
150 kN (DIN 1055-3)
Supply length:
3 mtr
Color of expansion insert:


Article No. Profile height (h) Recess (BxT)
VA.8.110/32 FK 33 mm 580 x 43 mm
VA.8.110/47 FK 47 mm 580 x 57 mm
VA.8.110/62 FK 62 mm 580 x 72 mm
VA.8.110/77 FK 77 mm 580 x 87 mm
VA.8.110/92 FK 92 mm 580 x 102 mm
VA.8.110/106 FK 106 mm 580 x 116 mm
VA.8.110/120 FK 120 mm 580 x 130 mm
VA.8.110/150 FK 150 mm 580 x 160 mm

Special heights on request.

Technical design
Subject to technical change without notice
VA.8.110/.. FK