Long-Term Experience
– Major Success

For more than 30 years, our customers have considered us to be a reliable partner for joint profiles: BUCHBERGER PROFILSYSTEME is today one of Europe’s market leaders.

One associates the name BUCHBERGER PROFILSYSTEME with an efficient, medium-sized Company.
The Head office is based in Hofstetten, Bavaria’s most central location. Our Company’s history spans more than 70 years, its very first origins being a repair shop for agricultural machinery. Over the decades, we have made the transition to become a progressive and future-facing Company. Proven traditions such as craftsmanship and the correct handling of orders are still however the key focus of our success.

Our innovative ideas, modern product solutions and consistent quality in production and installation are unprecedented.

For more than three decades, we have specialised in the production of joint profiles and our Company has enjoyed an excellent reputation since that time. BUCHBERGER PROFILSYSTEME has aspired to become one of the market leaders for joint profiles. In many areas, we concentrate on setting standards - this will remain our priority for the future. We provide reliable solutions, develop innovative ideas and identify future-facing products, which will be pioneers in the market.

Perfect profiles - service excellence. This is the basis of our work ethic. Our company's strength lies in our extensive and constantly optimised range of services: consulting, planning, development, construction, production and distribution.

Service excellence from one source -