Installation example with coating

BUPROFILE watertight VA.8.95/20 with grouting profile VP5/20

1. Prepare the substrate for the mounting recess (clean and prime).

2. Apply smooth coat for height compensation (e.g. epoxi mortar).

3. Press the joint profile into the fresh smooth coat and level it to the correct height. 

4. After the smooth coat has hardened, the profile is dowelled using approved fixing anchors at intervals of approx. 300 mm.

5. Filling and pulling off the mounting recess flush with the floor with a pressure-resistant and shrinkage-free epoxy resin mortar.

6. Remove the spacer and grouting profile VP5/20.

7. Insert the sealing membrane (Wolfin) as well as the expansion insert and grout using stainless steel cover caps and countersunk screw M8 at a interval of 150 mm.

8. Apply the coating (on-site).
Note: With the OS11a coating system, the floating layer is applied flush with the surface of the open grouting joint.