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Test results for the profiles VA.8.95/20, VA.8.95/62F, VA.8.120/28 and VA.8.120/65F approve high product quality.

Technical report

For approving the quality of our products, we commissioned a suitability test for the joint profiles VA.8.95/20, VA.8.95/62F, VA.8.120/28 and VA.8.120/65F at the testing department for inland transport of the TU Munich. Assayed was the water-tightness under repeated loads and different joint openings in the rollaway test bench. The testing exposure is extremely practical; but through the extreme testing conditions "harder" and more accellerating.


Four concrete slabs, on which a combination profile was mounted (VA.8.95/20 and VA.8.95/62F and VA.8.120/28, VA.8.120/65F respectively). The profiles were supported with a PCC-mortar levelling layer and dowelled onto the concrete according to the mounting instruction. The sealing and flexible inserts were mounted onto the profile frame construction.

Test parameters

load: axle load 50 kN, single arrangement HGV-tyres 7.50 R 15 SCT (summer profile), 8 bar internal pressure of the tyres, track oscillation approx. ± 30 mm continuous, brake power 10% of the axle load, 1% of the over-coasting Over-coastings: 75,000 Lw at joint opening 0 75,000 Lw at joint opening +20 mm (winter) Water-tightness: Examination after every loading phase

Test results

Testing phase 1: After the first 75,000 over-coastings appeared no deformation at all, except of insignificant tyre casts as well as absolute water-tightness. Testing phase 2: Magnification of the joint profile about 20 mm, further 75,000 over-coastings with the same loading. At the end of the testing appeared a consistent marginal rut in the coating with the epoxy mortar layer. The assembling with synthetic resin coating onto KH-mortar showed only slightly clearer tyre casts and no deformations. The water-tightness testing was positive.


BUCHBERGER PROFILSYSTEME VA.8.95/20, VA.8.95/62F, VA.8.120/28 and VA.8.120/65F were tested in the over-coasting test with altogether more than 150,000 Lw with testing loads according to 50 kN axle load. The basic results are:

  • at the mastic asphalt coating both profile options are watertight even at a subsequent rut depth of about 25 mm.
  • epoxy mortar and synthetic resin coated top surfaces are watertight after more than 150,000 over-coastings (75,000 Lw in center position, 75,000 Lw in 20 mm extension position); both top-surfaces constructions show no nameable deformations in the over-coasting tracks at all.

All in all the water-tightness of the four approved BUCHBERGER intersection profiles is guaranteed over the lifetime of the ceiling construction when built according to instructions.

The complete test report is available on request.